Book Reviews

There are so many Catholic books out there, some great and some not so great. Be sure to check out the reviews and let me know what you think!

Devote Yourself to the Heart of Jesus

When Jesus was here on Earth, He gave us everything: Knowledge of who God is, Mercy and Forgiveness for our sins, True and Pure Love for all mankind, and Eternal Life through the Blessed Sacrament of His Body and Blood through bread and wine. It was upon the Cross where…

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God is Not Fair and Other Things to Complain About

Ok, so that is not the official title of the book, but is does seem like people like to complain about everything ultimately blaming it all on God. “God is Not Fair and Other Reasons for Gratitude”  by Daniel P. Horan, OFM, are a grouping of reflections about what it…

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Meeting God in the Upper Room

Where do you meet God? Do you just talk to Him wherever you are, go on a pilgrimage or do you actually GO to a specific place to talk out your worries, dreams or struggles? Jesus met the apostles and disciples in the Upper Room for three distinct and specific…

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A review of a review of Thérèse

Yes, you read that correctly, albeit a little confusing. Dorothy Day, a future saint of our modern times, wrote her own version of Thérèse of Lisieux’s “A Story of a Soul” after reading it a second time and having a change of heart on the Little Flower. Day takes the autobiography and…

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Advent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Coffee with a Friend, Saint Teresa of Calcutta Have you ever wanted to invite your favorite saint over and have a conversation over a nice cup of coffee (or tea, if you prefer)? Or how about time to reflect on what the true meaning of Advent is? Or how we too…

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Caring for Creation

Never has humanity had such power of itself, yet nothing ensures that it will be used wisely. -Pope Francis @Pontifex –  June 18, 2015 Pope Francis, in the likeness of his namesake, has been very vocal about how we are to treat one another and how we are to take…

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Filling Our Father’s House – Book Review

In the newly released book titled Filling Our Father’s House: What Converts Can Teach Us about Evangelization (Sophia Press), author Shaun McAfee does a wonderful job in showing Catholics how to apply the Protestant principles of evangelization to draw others into the Catholic faith. He shares resources and ways to…

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