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Catholic Upgrade is a Catholic web blog meant to give you easy and quick ways to enhance and upgrade your faith in God and the Catholic faith.  We all live very busy and full daily lives, which can leave little room for God. Our Lord loves us so much and wants us to love him in return. This blog will give you simple upgrades or minor changes to increase both your communication and love of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

laura-brightLaura Hensley
is a lifelong Catholic who is always looking for ways to keep her faith fresh and renewed.  She loves sharing her faith with her 5th grade religious educations kids (she has taught 2nd grade for over 12 years, and now 5th grade), and with their parents with her weekly e-mail messages.  She has completed several Bible studies, including Bible Study Fellowship, Beth Moore, Jeff Cavins, and Edward Sri.  She is currently leading her Bible study group through a study about Mary and her journey as Mother of God.  She also enjoys learning more about her Catholic faith and other world religions.  She loves to meditate and pray on Bible verses, truly make it personal as if God is talking to her.

Before writing and family, she worked for an international company as an Oracle DBA and Lotus Notes Admin.  She left that 24/7 job, for a new 24/7 job – raising a family.  She designs and develops for several websites and rosary repair. She has been married over 20 years and has 4 children with her husband.  She also is active in the Church, and enjoys talking to people about growing their faith.

She is working on her first book, a devotional, and her second, a book for teens.

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