Catholic apps
Catholic apps

Catholic apps

I thought I’d share some of my favorite Catholic apps to put on your Android or iPhone.  I only have an Android phone, but I know most of these apps also have Apple counterparts.  Instead of pulling up Twitter or Facebook, take 5-10 minutes and open one of these apps and upgrade your faith!

  • Laudate – this is one of my favorites!  It has everything on it from daily readings, Liturgy of Hours, Order of the Mass with the current reading, a Rosary app (so you can follow along with the beads), examination of conscience and steps for Reconciliation, lots of prayers, and my favorite – the Bible and the Catechism!  It is the Catholic “Must Have” app.
  • Discerning Hearts – a podcast app with lots of Catholic resources, including prayers, reflections, scripture and podcasts from priests and apologists.
  • Holy Bible from YouVersion – Great Bible app that provides many versions of the Bible, and also includes Bible studies and reading plans to help you get into Scripture.
  • Truth & Life – An audio version of the RSVCE Bible.  It also provides links to the news, daily Mass readings, and Bible studies websites.
  • Spirit Catholic Radio – live broadcast of the Spirit Catholic Radio.  Great for when you are listening to something great when you arrive at your destination and can not stay in your car to finish listening to the show. 🙂

There are a lot of other ones out there, but these are my favorites.  My other new favorite is the one my Parish just released, which provides their parishioners information about things going on at the parish and other resources like the Mass readings and prayers.  Find out if your Parish has one or work with them to develop one!  There are many application builders available to make a personalized app for your Parish (that is what our Parish did, but since I wasn’t involved, I won’t endorse one app builder over another).

Apps on your iPhone or Android phone are a great way to keep up with your Catholic faith and provide you with a gentle reminder to keep upgrading your Catholic faith!

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