Every year on December 25th, we celebrate the holy birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Son of the Living God, Son of Mary, both fully human and God.  Sent here to save us from our sins as God’s perfect and Holy sacrifice.

Although the roots of celebrating Christmas were to counter pagan traditions or secular influences, we are called to celebrate the birth of Christ in holy reverence, our promised Lord is born.  Is December 25th Jesus’ actual birth?  Probably not, but the point is there is a day set aside for his birth day.

So how do we separate the secular from the religious?  First, do not get caught up in the AMOUNT of gift giving.  If you would like to share the gifts that you have with your family and friends, wonderful, but it doesn’t need to be to the point of going into debt.  The tradition of gift giving comes from the story of the three kings giving gifts to Jesus.  Each king gave one gift.  My mom friends will give their kids three gifts in this honor.Jesus in manger

Keep decoration simple.  I love Christmas trees and lights as much as everyone else, but the work I’ve put into it in the past is too much.  I’ve cut back quite a bit, or will do different things each year, trading out decorations.  The lights are to signify that Jesus is the Light of the world.  We have a simple Advent wreath which we light daily, and increase the candles on the week of Advent we are celebrating.  The growing light shows us how close we are getting till His birth.

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Keep the Christ in Christmas!

Give simple gifts – either one large gift or 3 smaller ones, like the three kings gave Jesus.

We celebrate Santa Claus, but again, with simple gifts, not a magician who gives all and everything asked for.

Make sure you go to a Christmas Eve or Christmas Day Mass.  In one year, we went to 8 different parties over the two days – BUT we still went to Mass.  Family will understand, and if they don’t, oh well.  Do you celebrate your child’s birthday without going to their party, but instead going to everyone’s parties?  NO, so why wouldn’t you go to Mass to celebrate Jesus’ birthday?

Do not fall into the secular celebration of Christmas.  As Christians, we are called to live in this world, not of it.  Meaning, we are to act differently than those who do not worship God, so that we can shine Christ’s light and they can see who you are in Christ and turn towards Him.

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