Help the Pope Help the Poor
Help the Pope Help the Poor

Help the Pope Help the Poor

Here is a Catholic Upgrade on a global scale. Pope Francis has always talked about having mercy on others and helping the poor. While many of us are unable to make huge generous donations or travel to foreign countries to help the poor and sick build homes or treat diseases, we can do something simple and small by supporting the Pontifical Mission Societies. MISSIO is a new crowdfunding platform focused on helping those less fortunate by offering a direct connection to those who are working on the “front lines.”

Check out this video to hear what MISSIO is all about.

Here is another video explaining in more detail how the MISSIO app works.

To make things interesting the Pontifical Mission Societies is running two very special contests. Join the over 20,000 who have already registered on MISSIO before February 2 and be entered to win two free tickets to Rome with the opportunity to meet Pope Francis! Winners will be announced the afternoon of February 2, 2017 on the Feast of the Presentation.


Helping the poor isn’t always an easy thing to do, and sometimes we can be at a loss as to how we can “really help and make a difference.” This is one of those simple ways we can live our Catholic faith through helping to the poor!

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