The Blessing of Holy Water
The Blessing of Holy Water

The Blessing of Holy Water

God anholy waterd Jesus often used the image of water to demonstrate His love for us.  From Noah and the flood, to Moses hitting the rock where flowing water came and relieved the thirst of the Israelites, to Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan, to the Samaritan woman being offered Living Water and asking where she could get some, finally with Blood and Water flowing from the side of Jesus when His Heart was pierced, water is a common theme in the Bible.

holy water from KnockMary even brought Living Water to places like Lourdes and Knock!  The bottle with the black lid is actual water brought home to me by my Mother-in-Law when she visited Knock, Ireland, which I have used to bless myself and children.  I even used it to heal my sinus’ from chronic infection!

We too use Holy Water in our Baptism, and when we enter and leave Church, but did you know you can bring home that Living Water and bring blessing into your home?  What a fun way for your kids to learn about God’s blessing by water and blessing one another than by using Real Living Holy Water!




Here are some ways we can use Holy Water to bless us in our everyday lives:

  • Blessing our children at night, or allowing them to bless each other and us.
  • Blessing our sacramentals – although its great to get a blessing of a Bible or Rosary from a priest, but we too can bless them using Holy Water.  Be sure to respect the blessing of that item!
  • When someone is ill or at the hospital, bring the Holy Water with you, pray over them and bless them.  I blessed my Grandfather as he was dying with my Holy Water, and I also shared some with my cousin’s wife when her father was ill with cancer.  It may not cure their body, but guaranteed to heal the soul!
  • We use it on muscle strains and sores (eczema) to help heal our skin and bodies.  Like I said, its not a cure-all, but just a way of expressing healing, prayer and blessing over one another.

Do you need to ask your parish for Holy Water? NO!  They put it right out front for you to take home!  Its best to put it into a container which you know what is in it (not just an ordinary jar).  The bottle with the blue lid I purchased from a local Catholic store for 99 cents for all the ladies in my Mothers In Fellowship group when I was giving a talk on Mary.  My kids know that this is special water, not to be drunk, spilled, or played with but can be used at any time as a blessing.

Holy Water is a very simple and easy way to Upgrade your Catholic Faith!

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