Act of kindness
Act of kindness

Act of kindness

This week I challenge you to be kind.  Sounds simple, even too easy, but why do we struggle to just be kind to one another?  I suggest that it is because we always want to place ourselves first and we do not respect the right that someone else might be placed before us.  Children only think about themselves as they are completely dependent on their parents and  they know no other way.  And as we grow into adulthood, we can either mature into someone who is able to be kind and do things out of love for others, or we can remain selfish and only look out for what we place as number one, ourselves.  When we do this, we also place God behind us, which is out-of-order!

In challenging you to be kind, I want you to place God first.  God should always be placed first because He is the Alpha.  He is the one that made all of creation, and the one that placed you where you are at right now.  When we place God first, we will think of Him first – and when that happens, we are naturally directed to treat others the way He wants us to treat them, with kindness and love.  I dare you to try it!   Right now, if you are faced with a decision, or someone asking you to do something, or if your child asking for lunch and your “super busy,” think of God and what He would want you to do.  I will bet you ANYTHING you will make the right choice – and if you don’t make the kind choice, you owe me (I’ll put a PayPal Donate button on the bottom of the page for you to pay me).

By placing God in the proper position, we will then place others needs before our own.  It is just the way God directs us to be – to Love One Another (John 13:34-35).  Jesus also demonstrated perfect kindness by giving up His life for you.  There is no greater love than to lay down your life for a friend (John 15:13).  Does that mean we need to die in order to prove we love or are kind to others?  No, but we die to ourselves.  We give up things we want to do, things we may need to do and put them off to show kindness to a friend in need.  We will be given the chance get back to the things we need to, but by showing kindness to others, God will in turn show you the same kindness and generosity.  As written in Matthew 5:43-48, God shows the same kindness to the evil as He does the good.  The sun rises on us both, the rain pours out on the just and unjust.  So we too are to love and show kindness to all of God’s creation, good and evil.

So, I dare you to put God in His place (First) and be kind to all, and see how your life changes this week.  Let me know how it works out by commenting below!

God bless!

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