The Greatest Commandment
The Greatest Commandment

The Greatest Commandment

The Greatest Commandment Coloring Sheet – I had the hardest time trying to find some coloring sheets which had the words of the Greatest Commandment on it! I couldn’t believe it. So I decided to create one myself. You are free to use it for your classes too.

This is the most important lesson Jesus taught us. First, you can not trick Him! The Pharisees thought they could trick Jesus into picking one of the 10 commandments and then they could denounce Him as being a false teacher because He would have put one commandment over the other nine. Second, Jesus gave us two of the greatest commandments above all others, and if we just follow these two, we would fulfill the other 10.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and all your soul, and all your mind

To love God, means not only to fear Him and obey Him, but to do nothing besides love Him alone. God longs for your heart, your soul and your mind. But we stray with our desires for things and other people. We worship our possessions or power. We dream up ways to make more money or gain more celebrity in our world. We want to be the next viral video on YouTube or the next Facebook creator worth billions. But that is not what God wants. All He wants is you and for you to love Him more than all of those things. We are to love Him more than even our families, our children, our parents. We are to love Him more than our own life. If we obey this command, He will bring us into eternal life with Him and we will receive all our heart’s desire in Heaven.

Love your neighbor as yourself

Loving God means also letting God’s love shine through you. You can not have God’s full love inside of you and commit hateful, sinful actions. Through Baptism, we all receive the Holy Spirit therefore have God’s love, but we also have to not suppress that love, but instead let it shine. We do this by loving our neighbor, both directly and indirectly. Don’t cut other drivers off in traffic, but instead signal them to come over. Don’t curse at the lady who is so slow at checking out the groceries, but instead say a prayer for her – maybe she’s new or just having a bad day. When the collection plate comes around at Church, throw a few dollars in to help out the poor in your community. Show others how much you love God by giving them some of that love. Maybe, just maybe, by you loving your neighbor they may be more inclined to find out more about the God that you love so much.

God Bless.

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