Mary, Mother of God
Mary, Mother of God

Mary, Mother of God

The feast of Mary, Mother of God is January 1st.  We celebrate Mary as the Mother of God because of who she is and what she did for us.

In the time of the Kings of Israel, the kings would take on many wives, so how do you decide who is going to be queen?  What if you’re not married? Is it your first wife?  Your current wife?  Who knows?  But who is the only lady in your life that can not be replaced by anyone?  Your MOTHER.  Everyone has only one woman who gave birth to them.  Therefore, the queen is the king’s mother; the Queen Mother.

Jesus never took a wife, but did have a mother, Mary.  Just as St. Elizabeth called Mary, “The Mother of my Lord,” thereby calling Jesus King (Luke 1: 43), Mary is the Queen Mother of our King of kings.divine grace


It is difficult to get up the day after New Years’ Eve celebrations, but spend some time at Church celebrating what Mary did for you, creating in us all a New Life, through her Son, Jesus Christ.

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