Communication in any relationship is key to keeping that relationship heathy and strong. Without it, it can grow stale, weak and you will drift apart from each other. There can also be miscommunication, where you don’t understand the other person or no communication where you no longer associate with that person. We often neglect communication with God because we figure He will always be there for us, but when we do that we grow estranged from Him. We then don’t understand why we struggle or why certain things happen the way they do, but we don’t know how to turn back to God and Jesus to rebuild that relationship. Here are some helpful tips to get your relationship with our Lord back on track.

  • Go to church this weekend. First we must break the ice with our Friend, and rekindle our relationship. Get down on our knees and tell Him “Hi” and “its nice to see you again.” It might be simple and strange, but it’s kind of like starting over, catching up on where you’ve been. As you get to talking with God again, you will want to talk more, pour out your heart! Mass is the easiest and simplest ways to give glory to God, soften your heart and open up to Him again.
  • Go to Reconciliation. There is no better way to rebuild a relationship than going straight to Jesus and asking for forgiveness. Whenever there is sin and hurt, there is separation and anxiety. We need to completely remove the sin and get it over and done with, so we can move away from the pain from the past.
  • Talk to your Mother. Remember back to when we were small and needed someone to talk with, your mom, grandma, or older sister or friend? It was comforting to speak with someone motherly who could say a kind word, give a hug or even just a kiss on a boo-boo. Jesus gave us His Mother as our Mother at the foot of the cross to comfort us as only His Mother can. Talk with her and ask her to talk with her Son for you. You know, Jesus always listens to His Mother!
  • Pray always. In the morning, give your day to God and let Him be your guide. Pray before meals. Pray in traffic. Pray before starting a project at work. Pray before a meeting, before a test, before studying. Pray as a  family. Praying before going to sleep. Talking to God always will guide you to make the right decision, and if a mistake is made, He will let you know.

If we are in constant communication with a spouse, your relationship remains close and strong. If something is wrong, it is easy to bring it up and fix it. There is no awkward silence or “I don’t know how to tell you this” feeling. Even if there is no talking, just being close and enjoying one another’s company is pure bliss. That is how our prayer life with God should be. Constant communication keeps our relationship strong. He will guide us along our days and we will better understand why things happen the way they do (although sometimes God’s ways are a mystery, we will accept it on faith that God’s plan is for our own good). Even if we don’t have anything to say,  just telling Him, “I love you” and holding Him close to your heart as lovers do will be pure bliss!

Remember: Pray constantly (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

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