Check out the new evangelization and how YOU can be a part of it

My parish for the last couple of years has been very active in supporting the new evangelization. I’ve attended several meetings on sharing my own faith, how to lead studies, and how to talk with others about my faith story in order to draw them into the Church. Unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable sharing their faith with others out of fear of being rejected. This is where the new program from Ascension is looking to fill the gap.

The 99, from Ascension, is a three-part system to help you learn from the masters of evangelization, like Fr. Mike Schmitz, Fr. Joshua Johnson, Sr. Miriam Heidland and Leah Darrow. The system includes short “mission” videos, leadership training and a book. Each will help build up your confidence to become the evangelist that God has called us to be.

Check out the video below and learn more how you can be a part of The 99 movement in the Catholic Church.

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