Family Sacramentals
Family Sacramentals

Family Sacramentals

Religious icons scattered throughout your home is one of the easiest ways to both bless your home and remind you and your family who you belong to in Christ.

Here are a few of the sacramentals that I have scattered throughout my house :

  • family cross with palmI received this family crucifix when I was first married. It has always hung in my master bedroom right inside the door.
  • I have another crucifix hanging in each of my children’s rooms. Some they received at birth or baptism, and one hung in my husband’s room when he was a kid, and one was from his grandmother’s home!
  • There is a crucifix that hangs above the door out to my garage to protect us when we go out into the world.
  • I have prayer cards scattered throughout my kitchen stuck in the light plates to give me reminders while in my kitchen who I am serving.
  • I have a picture of the sacred heart of Mary & the sacred heart of Jesus in my office where I spend most of my time.holy water
  • We got a small bottle which we filled with holy water from church so the kids can bless themselves during prayers or whenever.
  • I have so many Bibles which all have special meaning for me. They are different versions and translations, some are written in, some are not.
  • I hung this picture of the mysteries of the Rosary in my room.

Mary RosaryI have many more religious items scattered throughout my house, all reminding me who’s I want to be involved Christ. It is a simple thing you can also do to remind you and your friends who you are in love with.

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